Taxi Van Dommelen, Amstelveen
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Amstelveense Taxi Centrale
Van Dommelen b.v.

Taxi Van Dommelen will carry you quickly, comfortably and professionally along the shortest road to your destination.

  • Located in Amstelveen near Amsterdam and Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport)
  • Available 24/7 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week).
  • Friendly, English-speaking dispatchers and drivers.
  • Book online, by telephone or email.
  • Creditcards accepted.
  • Skilled, representative and multilingual drivers.
  • Limousines, taxi-vans, wheelchair taxi's, coaches.
  • Almost 65 years of experience in personal transport.

Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 or book online (fill in the form left).

Taxi Van Dommelen Schiphol Airport Taxi Service

Taxi Van Dommelen: airport taxi, gespecialiseerd in ritten van en naar Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Taxi Van Dommelen Airport Service will bring you to the airport of your choice and will be waiting there for you to bring you home when you return again.

  • Door-to-door service: your flight will start and end at your front door.
  • No fiddling around with baggage or looking for a very expensive parking place.
  • Your return flight is constantly monitored by our dispatchers to assure our taxi or van will be on time at your disposal, even if your flight is delayed.
  • Once you arrive our taxi or van will be waiting for you (click "Return taxi" to see the procedure)

Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 or book online:

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Out & Home Taxi Service

Taxi van Dommelen: uitgaan in Amsterdam Dinner for two? Family visit? Concert? Party? Have a carefree evening while Taxi Van Dommelen Out & Home Service cares for your transportation. We bring you where you wish and come as soon as you want to leave, wherever you are and at whatever time. For being out is only a real pleasure if your return is fast, safe and on time.

  • Door-to-door service: a pleasant night starts at your door and will end there (if you wish).
  • Have careless fun while Out & Home service cares for the transportation. Comfortably, fast and safe.
  • Enjoy and spare yourself the annoyances of traffic, absence of payable parking places, unsafety at public streets etc.
Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 or book online:

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Taxi Van Dommelen Personal Car Service

If unconditional style, perfection and professionalism are required. Advertentie taxi Van Dommelen Vandaag Taxi Van Dommelen Personal Car Service works for (business) passengers with the highest demands of quality, comfort, safety, speed and reliability.

  • Executive transportation

    A luxurious and comfortable limousine driven by a distinguished and qualified professional driver who comes whenever you call, takes you where you want to go and waits for you to drive you to your next meeting. Read more
  • Private driver

    Your own car and style, without the time consuming bother of driving. Be driven by one of our excellent private drivers. A private driver of Personal Car Service is a distinguished and qualified professional who comes and goes whenever you wish and brings you in your own car where you want to be. Read more


More information? Call +31 (0)20 641 56 00.

Groups and companionships

Touringcar Van Dommelen A shuttle-service, a sight-seeing tour through down town Amsterdam, a kids’ party – Taxi Van Dommelen likes to serve groups of various sizes and travel goals with a great variety of comfortable buses and touringcars.

Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 for more information.

Special transportation: children and disabled persons

Taxi Van Dommelen: gespecialiseerd in het vervoer van gehandicapten en kinderen What is the meaning of experience? 65 years of daily transportation of school children and disabled persons provided Taxi Van Dommelen with excellent understanding of the individual needs of passengers. Our drivers are qualified and bring them safe and sound where they should be. Taxi-vans with hydraulic lift for wheelchairs are available.

Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 for more information..


Taxi Van Dommelen: speciale aandacht voor het vervoer van senioren Taxi Van Dommelen knows you, just like you know Taxi Van Dommelen. Our lifetime of experience assures punctuality, safety, comfort and reliability.

  • Reliable professional drivers
  • Comfortable limousines with easy boarding

Dial +31 (0)20 645 02 00 or book online (fill in the form top left and push Submit).

Whatever the weather, Taxi Van Dommelen cares about your comfort

Warm, cold, windy or wet - in our capricious climate there is always a good reason to take a comfortable taxi of Taxi Van Dommelen. Just take a look at the rain radar below.


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